Print design

From business cards to billboards - I will design everything you want to print.


For years we’ve been designing posters for parties, art posters and social posters for design contests.

Business cards

Business cards for your company, gift cards, mini-maps and every small print form imagineable.


We design flyers, restaurant menus, wedding invitations – you name it. Your info will be presented clearly and tastefully.


Commercial posters

I design posters for various music projects, from philharmonic concerts to hip-hop gigs.

Sentido del Tango poster
MC Battle poster
New Deep Deep Disco poster
Djembe Young poster

Socially engaged posters

I design posters for socially engaged projects, and some even win awards.

In the Adobe Creative Search 4 Ideas -a design contest promoting the “Don’t waste food” idea I took 2nd place in the social campaign category. The contest had 648 contestants.

My designs for a social campaign getting young people to vote, have been among the best and were displayed in the Cracovian Barbakan area.

Social evolution Billboard

Business cards

Karta miejska Ostrołęka
Wizytkowki Bradonna


Redesign of Tifone Pizza flyer from Warsaw, Poland.

old Tifone flyer
new Tifone flyer

fragment of a Fjord Nansen tourist equipment catalogue

katalog Fjord Nansen

flyer for a beatboxing website

ulotka zegartiktaka

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